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Senior software engineer @netflix. I like building tools for developers.

Know yourself, do the company research, and more

Why I Wanted To Write About This Topic

I’ve wanted to write about this topic for a while and promised myself a couple of months ago after landing a new job, that I’d finally sit down one weekend and write down everything I know about tech interviews — and how I prepare for them.

And now, after two months since I started my new job at Netflix as a senior software engineer, I’m keeping my promise. While this topic is still very fresh in my mind, I thought it wouldn’t be hard to gather all my thoughts and past learnings and combine them into one blog post. …

I also changed the Cronhub’s logo

Two years ago, I launched Cronhub’s first version. I started it as a Cron Monitoring tool and helped thousands of developers to monitor their cron jobs. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of a new product that I call Scheduler and write a bit about my future goals.

Cronhub Scheduler is a job scheduler to automate workflows and run jobs on a recurring basis. I built Schedulers for developers who don’t like working with servers and complicated cron jobs. Think of it as a friendlier alternative to traditional cron jobs.

I see Cronhub monitoring and scheduler as two products…

I was going over my notes today and realized that it had been two years since I launched Cronhub on ProductHunt. Cronhub is now my most successful side-project and the first software that I built that generates income. My journey as a maker has been fun and challenging. Since I’m a big proponent for learning in public, I thought I’d share my reflections here in this post. I hope this will inspire you and you can learn something from my experience. …

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about our learning process as programmers. How we as software engineers learn new things. Our field evolves so fast so we always feel the urge to catch up with the latest technologies and standards. It’s not a surprise to me anymore that some people call us a fashion-based industry. We like to get our hands dirty with things that are currently fashionable. If there is a new editor theme, we want to try it. When a new coding font gets out, we become early adopters. A new programming language that helps us to build…

Thinking out loud about how to spend my time

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

I’ve wanted to write about this subject for quite some time, and only today decided to finally sit down with no distractions. I put my phone aside and tuned into Spotify’s “Focus” playlist. At long last, I’ve finally collected my thoughts together. This is a topic that’s very close to my heart. It’s felt like a brain bug that’s been needling me and forcing me to ponder over my current situation, so I figured the only way to force it out was to put it into words.

This is more of a brain dump or an internal monologue. I don’t…

My story of transitioning from a product engineer to a site reliability engineer (SRE)


They say writing is a form of mediation. Well, I always say it, and I think it’s true. Reflecting on your past and writing down your thoughts is a meditative activity because it helps you ponder your decisions and become more self-aware.

This article is my reflection on a very recent career move that I’ve made. It’s also the contemplation about my past four years at Buffer.

I’ve recently switched careers, from being a product engineer to a site reliability engineer (SRE). I’ve become Buffer’s first SRE this year and learned a lot from my experience.

I want to share…

I’ve been working with Kubernetes (k8s) for a couple of years now, and very recently, I started to reason about its deep purpose and potential for the future of software. I think the way we’re building software now is going to change in the future fundamentally. With the rise of cloud technology, all the tools we use now might move to the cloud. This transition makes me think if the next significant innovation in programming languages connects to cloud innovation.

Can we build a new programming language that runs on the cloud? Why do we have to duplicate the same…

Today I was working on setting up Travis CI for Cronhub builds. It took me around two hours to make it work. I was expecting the integration should be a breeze, but Travis CI configuration is not trivial. It has many moving pieces, and everything should be in place.

Since I finally got it working, I thought I’d share my travis.yml and .env.travis files to save you time.

travis.yml file

Make sure to use the bionic or xenial Ubuntu dist in your travis.yml file and add mysql externally under the services. This will tell your build to install the latest stable version…

Photo by Hannah Wei on Unsplash

In 2016, I started to actively entertain my aspiration of becoming financially independent and living life the way I wanted to. My goal was to build assets that could make money while I sleep. I decided not to master any new skills but rather use my coding skills to develop new sources of income. Of course, like any other developer, I also happened to have a list of product ideas that I had created. After comparing each idea on the list with my requirement checklist, I realized that none of the ideas would work. …

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

Less than two years ago, I had almost zero published articles with no audience of readers. I had hardly written any articles in English, and even if I had, they were part of the curriculum I took at school. However, this never stopped me considering myself an aspiring writer. I knew I liked writing a lot and always wanted to share my thoughts with everyone. My biggest challenge was not knowing where and how to start. I was lost because I thought I had nothing original to share with the world. This was a big blocker until I published my…

Tigran Hakobyan

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